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Plantation Restoration Company is a leading name in restoration and remediation service industry. We have been in the business long enough to have gained reputation for providing the most reliable quality and affordable services. In all these years, we have redefined the meaning of excellence and set new industry standards for our competitors. We have been evolving ever since we came into existence. We have changed the old school principle of profiteering from the customers’ misery. We have always placed our customers’ interest ahead of ours. This is what explains our high standards and low prices! 

We have always aimed for customer satisfaction and more often than not, managed to exceed their expectation. It is our relentless effort, dedication and honesty towards work that has allowed us to grow to the level we are at today. We are proud because we changed the way this industry functioned and we sit on top of it all. Our reputation precedes us in Plantation, FL, allowing us to forge meaningful relationships with our clients.

Solutions that count:

We understand that after being embroiled by a disaster and its consequences, there is very little left in us to think rationally. However, we want you to know that the longer you wait, the more expensive and complex restoration work becomes. While we understand how harrowing this experience can be, we urge you get to get your bearings and call us at 954-621-2753 immediately. We are always available to help. This is all you have to do we promise to take care of the rest. Once we take matters in our hands, it becomes our responsibility to restore your home to its original state.

Our Mission:

Plantation Restoration Company works with integrity and serves customers in time of distress. We promise to be there for you and take up your restoration work, when no one else will touch your case. We provide you timely remediation and quality restoration to get your lives back on track after a dreadful incident of water/fire/mold.

Our Vision:

Our aim is to become your single point-of-contact for damage mitigation, consultation, repair, renovation and reconstruction work.

Our Values:

Team work: What makes us the best in our business is the tight network of team members. Our cross-vertical specialization allows us to work in harmony with different experts and come up with turnkey solutions with relative ease.

Honesty: It is our honesty towards our work and promise to deliver timely service that made our clients trust us. Moreover, we never built our success on our customers’ exploitation. Despite offering you round-the-clock services, we do not charge you unreasonable prices or burden you with hidden charges. We follow transparency throughout our process.

Responsibility: We know our jobs like the back of our hands. We also know that with every passing hour, the magnitude of destruction increases. This is why we offer you quick services, available within minutes of receiving your call.

Open-minded: Restricting ourselves is not how we became what we are today. Plantation Restoration Company is a progressive remediation and restoration service provider that has evolved over the years and become one of the most technologically advanced companies in Plantation, FL area. Despite our success, we never stop learning or fine tuning our work processes.

If you are looking for good quality and affordable prices, remember, we are just one call away at 954-621-2753