Plantation city


Few regions are as diverse yet as integrated as Plantation city. Geographically centered in Broward County with an ever-expanding populace, there was once a time when the area’s only inhabitants were alligators, and other wild animals. The transformation began when Frederick Peters moved to South Florida in 1931 to escape the harsh winters and settle in a sun-drenched and calm locale. That’s when his eyes fell on the sawgrass and marshlands where he envisioned a beautiful city, a city that’s today Plantation. He purchased 10,000 acres from the Everglades Plantation Company, hired a noted architect and brought his dream to life.

What it is today?

While the city grew rapidly beyond 1970, the 40s village atmosphere remained. Today, Plantation boasts of a population that’s fast nearing 100,000, over 55 diverse cultures, world-class recreational facilities, a stable business landscape and safe, green, secure and friendly neighborhoods. To this day, the city strives to retain its original home town charm while at the same time offer amenities of a city to its residents.

Destruction in Plantation:

Its vivid, beautiful and perfectly laid out landscape seems straight out of a fairytale, however, this illusion fell into shambles back in 2005, when the city met Hurricane Wilma. The hurricane made landfall in the city, lashing out with high-speed winds, tearing down roofs, ripping apart trees, and shaking people out of their serene, peaceful lives. Back then, it seemed like it was the end of the line for Plantation, and recovery would be next-to-impossible. A look at Plantation now would leave you amazed at its capability to bounce back from disaster like nothing ever happened – and it’s all thanks to the efforts put in by a few dedicated damage restoration companies like Plantation Restoration Company!

Plantation’s trusted ally:

Even well-planned cities can come crashing down in the face of a disaster, and Plantation is no different! Be it 2005’s fiasco or the recent hurricane Irma, there’s little one can do except wait for the worse to be over and pick up the fallen pieces once again. That’s where we can help you! During a crisis, most companies would bail out in search of higher-paying contracts and lucrative deals, but to us, it’s YOU, the resident who matters the most. We’ll never be late, we’ll never charge extra and we’ll never leave your side until the job is done – that’s why there’s no better ally than Plantation Restoration Company in Plantation city.

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  • Water/Fire/mold damage remediation
  • Cleanup services and debris removal
  • Drying and decontamination
  • Reconstruction of your property
  • Remodeling with custom designs

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